NFL Wrap Up Week 2


Another crazy and wacky week at the NFL, and topics from this past year came to play in Week 2 in the NFL. Most notably, big favorites covering like Baltimore and Cincy, and even Seattle placing a number after a week that they failed to score a TD, and covered the amount, bringing back shades of past year after double digit favs covered a slew of games, a rarity at the NFL. There were 5 teams preferred by double digits this past weekend. Most teams are in re building periods, once we now have 10 new head coaches this past season, so that I expect to see higher numbers on the lines and some blow outs in 2013 due to those developments and changes in rebuilding manners. Here are several takes from a week to ponder.

GREEN BAY- How do you blow a 13-0 second quarter lead to the รับพนันบอล Saints, in your home, and drop a shoot out? No defense to begin with and absence of talent in general. Brett Favre seems to be grabbing a huge amount of blame here, however, the cupboards are bare, and especially on defense where Drew Brees shredded them all day together with sub par par receivers. This is really a team that should begin rebuilding, however QB Favre is not to blame, he played a higher level, but cannot at age 3-6 carry this team without assistance, however he gives them a much better chance of winning more than Aaron Rodgers. The point is, a move against team, especially against high powered crime’s with good receivers.

CAROLINA- Still another debacle this weekend for Carolina, that had some injury problems coming to Minnesota, but as in week 1, turnovers, special teams blunders (a huge momentum killer on Sunday), also missed opportunities had been apparent. They make Tampa Bay this weekend, so who’s also experiencing issues at QB, and letting Brian Gresie visit sit down on the bench at Chicago has been a terrible mistake from Gruden, as Chris Simms is simply lacking confidence and can be pushing the ball into policy, also has been under an enormous pass rush all around season. A tale of two teams awful this Sunday, should really be interesting to say the least.

CHICAGO- The Bears are real and my leader at the NFC to move all the way as Rex Grossman has demonstrated his values. The airborne series has been stellar, they now have an excellent 1-2 punch at RB with both Jones and Benson, and also QB Grossman has become accurate and heady in the pocket in addition to rolling out, and also the defense is far better than last years at this point, however with wins against diminished Green Bay and Detroit, lets see how good they’re contrary to some stiffer opponents until we anoint them Kings of their NFC.

Gambling- Eli Manning established his value in a thrilling come from behind win at Philly in OT this past Sunday. Do not eliminate that the Giants in the NFC being a major competition, that were a playoff team this past year, even though they are in a rough branch that may visit two teams outside of those 4 at the playoffs. Losing per week 1 to big brother Peyton was no shame, the Colts would be main one of the best AFC teams around. Possessing the confidence to lead his team back from a 24 7 mark at the 4th quarter, on the road, against an fantastic team like the Eagles will go a very long way at New York. Their 1 2 punch in RB, and excellent recipients, and a lot better than ordinary defense with very good dash ends, makes the Giants a competition here, as Dallas in my mind is overrated and Washington is going to be a bottom-feeder annually on offense it looks like as of the time. Catching Seattle about the trail that this week is actually a tall order in back to back roadies, nevertheless they are having fun play off revenge and have the superior crime, since Seattle has not yet established the sort of running game an offense that they have this past year at the time of yet. Deon Branch makes his debut for Seattle on Sunday, and right now they need him!

I adore this weeks card and fully anticipate an enormous Sunday because I see several things I feel that the odds makers overlooked, also I shall expose it big style this Sunday. Read between the lines here and you just might do well yourself.

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